Spare Parts – Onderdelen

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JSM engineering has a wide range of (new & secondhand) parts (electronics – mechanical – servo )  available.

Electronic brands :

  1. Siemens S5 – S7 series
  2. Lenze
  3. Omron
  4. Mitsubishi
  5. Estun
  6. Hitachi
  7. Drive systems
  8. Techoingranaggi

For actual new part requests , please raise your request by e-mail

For available branded obsolete parts, find our actual availability by brand. Please raise your request by sending a email with the requested part details.

ItemNB availableSiemensDescriptionModel numberCondition
18S5Digital input6ES5 421-8MA12Used & Tested
21S5Digital input6ES5 421-8MA11Used & Tested
37S5Digital output6ES5 441-8MA11Used & Tested
44S5Module6ES5 482-8MA13Used & Tested
53S5Module6ES5 422-8MA11Used & Tested
61S5Bus Module6ES5 700-8MA11Used & Tested
71S5PLC S5-90U6ES5 090-8MA01Used & Tested
82S5PLC S5-95U6ES5 095-8MA03Used & Tested
91S5PLC S5-95U6ES5 095-8MA02Used & Tested
101S5Digital output6ES5 451-8MA11Used & Tested
111S5Analog input 2 x pt1006ES5 464-8MF11Used & Tested
121Siematic OP36AV3503-1DB10Used & Tested
131S5S5-1--U ps 9306ES5 930-8MD11Used & Tested
141S5Bus terminal6ES5 777-0BB01Used & Tested
159S5Bus terminal6ES5 700-8MA11Used & Tested
163S5Bus terminal6ES5 700-8MA22Used & Tested
171S5Power supply6ES5 951-7LB21Used & Tested
181S5Communication module6ES5 943-7UA11Used & Tested
191S5Communication module6ES5 943-7UB11Used & Tested
201S5Communication module6ES5 530-7LA11Used & Tested
212S5Output module6ES5 451-7LA21Used & Tested
222S5Inputmodule6ES5 430-7LA12Used & Tested
231S5Module6ES5 465-7LA13Used & Tested
242S5Base plate6ES5 700-2LA12Used & Tested
251S5e-stand6ES5 700-2LA13Used & Tested
ItemNB availableBrandDescriptionModel numberCondition
11LenzeInverterESMD302L4TXAUsed & Tested
21TexComputerScreen with PLCML80333Used & Tested
32SAEControllerMT40Used & Tested
41OmronInteractive DisplayNT4S-SF121B-EUsed & Tested
51MitsubishiProgammable Logic ControllerAL2-14MR-DUsed & Tested
62Z-WorldProgammable Logic ControllerPK22xxUsed & Tested
71LustSmart Drive ModuleVF 1202Used & Tested
81MitsubishiExpansion-ModulesFxo-14MT-DSSUsed & Tested
91UniOPTouch screenTOP05-0045Used & Tested
102EstunServo MotorEMJ-10APA22Used & Tested
111SRHMISR-HMI-BUsed & Tested
121SchaffnerFilterFN 2030-10-06Used & Tested
131LeadshinePower supplySPS2410Used & Tested
142EstunServo DriveEDB-10AMAUsed & Tested
151HitachiProgrammable controllerEH-D28DRPUsed & Tested
161HitachiProgrammable controller expansionEH-D14EDRUsed & Tested
171PhoenixConnectorSACC-M12MS-5PL mNew
181BMHBrushless Servo AmpliferBMH-BUsed & Tested
191Drive systemsServo motorMP44XLUsed & Tested
201TechoingranaggiServo motorUsed & Tested

Click the below link (“Overview of Available obsolete parts”) to download the file
“Overview of Available obsolete parts”